Kyle Waugh

Anterior Pelvic Tilt and How to Remedy

Today we’ll cover the infamous anterior pelvic tilt. I see a lot of questions about anterior pelvic tilt (APT) as it’s a pretty big buzz word used by physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and personal trainers (pretty much anyone in the health and movement industry). What this post will cover: We’ll Define Anterior Pelvic Tilt What Muscles Work During APT & PPT (Biomechanics) Why APT Matters If The APT Is …

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Fix Posture by Influencing the Nervous System

I wanted to share my experience with posture and what I have found to work best for myself, my therapy patients, and fitness clients. I’ve worked in the fitness and rehab industry for six years and have been obsessed with the concept of posture since I started exercising 10 years ago. I’ve performed every scapular retraction, chin tuck, TA pull in you can think of, but nothing ever really “stuck” …

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Why Stretching Isn’t Working For You

The evidence is very shaky on whether stretching works as we originally thought. It is relatively clear that while it can help alleviate pain & improve flexibility in the short-term, long-term effects are inconsistent. Static stretching also does not appear to meaningfully improve posture and it also hampers performance when taken too far. Dynamic stretching can have a place in a dynamic warm-up.

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