Slide Posture Package Full Biomechanical Assessment Overview of your individual limitations 3 Daily Drills + 3 weight training exercises (12 total weeks) to correct posture & movement Objective self-testing guide for progression SELECT FOR $49

How it works list_alt Step 1: Initial Assessment Find out your individual movement limitations based on the postural problem you want to solve. You will receive an email with an overview of your result and curated education related to your individual posture. zoom_in Step 2: Get a Program You'll then have the option to select your own personalized, comprehensive program with:
- Exercises Tailored to You
- In-Depth Video Demonstrations
- Progressions for each phase of your program
directions_run Step 3: Progress Posture With each month, you'll receive a new progression of your program depending on the package you chose. You might find that your body starts to become re-aligned in more ways than you might expect. Because our programs take a full-body appraoch to improving movement and reducing limtations, you'll start to notice positive benefits in many aspects of your life.
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